Tuesday, 19 February 2019

it can seem strangely lonely at 20.00 hrs . even so a cyclist 'tinged' me .

you really can see the airport from the bottom of the road . Never realised it was (as the crow flies ) quit so close

just a couple of things on the beach .

 Whilst watching the sun go down one evening I said to my wife we have seen many sunsets on the beach but never a sunrise …. so in the very very early hours we took these.

A short walk in Alicante. This  pavement always makes me feel queasy .

this one has me disorientated with its 3D effect

Ordinary buildings are never plain

Look at this ! Who built this and thought .. I know what it needs !!

So it maybe my mates will go to Spain without me ? Paid on the card so may get my money back . cant afford a second lot of airfares . Also what if I go and cant get back . Actually , you know what , it don't matter . life's to short . If it happens I will sort it . With friends, relatives , relations succumbing to ill health and old age .. make every moment count . this is no biggy in the real world.

I have for a long time had a dream of going to Spain with my mates and 'chillin'. Some are now retired others still work. Getting them all together (because they work in the same department) so  a mass exodus wouldn't be allowed. their work commitments also means getting a date when they were available means it didn't look likely. However we had a get together (which in itself took a bit of organising ) and agreed we would 'do this thing'. To simplify everything  I said I would fit in with their commitments and once they had booked I looked for flights to get me there and back at the right time. I ended up with Flybe. Not as cheap as some but cheapish and the right dates . Now I find they may not still be operating , or maybe not operating from Southampton . No info on their website and still taking bookings . They seem to have already sold the operations to Virgin/Stobart. so I thought I may be OK as the wrangle is with the name but  just caught a bit on the news that Flybe is pulling out of Southampton. that was on the regional news but cant find anymore on it .I understand companies go on trading even when they knoiw they might cease trading because of the catch 22 scenario but it leaves punters like me in no mans land !

My mate called my bike Kermit , not sure why

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

We have been staying in spain for longer periods . Because previously our visits had been short term and to be frank becuase I was broke we did little to the house . Last time I came I painted the house inside and out using rollers tied to broom handle to reach high up places and this time we changed some furnishings I also painted the old furniture to modernise it