Friday, 30 September 2016

stage 2 campervan

at last I get a Mercedes
organisation is key. There is the endless where did I put it moment

you can change the configuration by swivelling the seats. Not that easy you have to take the handbrake of as it gets in the way and the seat arm hits the door. you have to open the door to do it and this morning I found it had been open all night as it failed to close because it hit the seat.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


This railway line intrigued us. Never saw a train on it, the rails are rusted. We thought it was some sort of tourist thing. We went into a tourist office that was a converted railway station in ulverston. the track ran behind the centre. The lady in there said its a busy line 2 or 3 trains a day and as we said we had never seen any one went by. This is a commercial line only , used for freight , no passengers . Runs all along the coast , ot at least all along where we have been. Glorious views for the driver

Having driven from Burie s to Hobart can confirm a line possibly this one goes the whole way

Coast Road

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