Tuesday, 20 September 2016

172 indians

I stayed at the Tamar Valley resort . So did 250 Indians from Melbourne (originally I was told it was 172 but it turned out to be 250.

I don't know why 250 Indians decided to holiday together. I don't know if they were part of a club or what. It was chaos . Whether 250 or 1 person eats there is no excuse for leaving the place looking like a garbage tip. I saw people picking food up and putting it back ignoring the tongs provided very poor behaviour. Every part of the floor was covered in food, plates were piled on every surface tables covered in food kids running about screaming , one pushed sue out of the way when she was coming through the door ( he wasn't excited or playing he just pushed through) . The staff were amazing to cope and keep calm felt sorry for them.

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