Friday, 9 September 2016


Having mastered the underground and with all day to kill before the flight we went back to raffles. I will say here Orchard Hotel Orchard Road were magnificent. There were computer and print facilies available to book in on. We had to vacate the room at 12 and our flight was at midnight. They automatically stored our luggage until we needed it and they offered a complimentary room with shower facilities to wash and refreshing before the flight. The only thing I would say here if you want to wash and change pack your change of clothes in an accessible place.
Having a day to kill and being free of luggage we went to Raffles.

PS I was going to say drinks are expensive on this side of the world . I am less sure now. 3 alcoholic drinks cost me S$27 about £16  (just forget the exchange rate fing and live a little). A bottle of spirit in Aus is about $46 (£24) it seems expensive when you see $46 but I am adjusting.

The pics

 A lady passing by offered to photograph us together. That's Singapore - lovely place

Fountain details

 Not a Singapore sling which we had last time in the long Room but a Gin Fizz and a American Ice Tea. If they sound harmless they are not there are at least 6 different mixes in these drinks of which 6 are alcoholic.

 Having imbibed we became mellow and discussed the changing fortunes of Raffles .. In the end we concluded its rather genteel image of a world now gone where Victorian gentlemen and demure ladies once relaxed was a load of rubbish. These walls were the meeting place of empire builders , planters, adventurers . Some if not all the clientele would have been armed and lived in a world of danger . A knife in the back in this world of business was probably more than a metaphor.


  1. Cool, Raffles Hotel. You only went for drinks, right? You didn't actually stay there. Probably a bit expensive.


  2. Even the drinks were expensive , we had one each and the bill was about £30. It was a cocktail with about 9 ingredients but it is expensive. We went last time for tea and then a Singapore sling in the long bar and that was really expensive. But an experience . No point in coming to the other side of the world and not doing it.I thought.