Sunday, 11 September 2016


People have in the main been impressed by my (our) free wheeling approach to this trip. No return tickets , man that's awesome has been said to me several times in all the countries so far , people look impressed when they say how long you here for and I say I don't know ! But there is a downside. Being abroad I do not have the infrastructure to support me , phones don't work , internet has to be in public places or hotels . Things you take for granted become a bit more difficult. Contact details ? I am travelling I say. We will come back to that they say They keep taking my credit card as a bond for hotels , hire cars etc . I am not sure if a charge gets on the card I can access it to pay it. I have so far but we are going to the wilds.

How long do I book a car for, how do I buy plane tickets I have nowhere to send paperwork etc. I had to phone this Aus number to confirm we were still going to Tasmania for the transfer to the hotel from the Airport. My phone rang and rang , my brother in law phoned on his Aus phone and it was answered immediately.

I have rented a car. I don't know anything about where we are going , If we hate it we could be straight back and looking for a flight , if we like it we may linger, so how long to hire for ? The lady rep said no probs give us a bell and we will extend it . But I don't think my phone works ? Little niggles all the time.

I bought a sat nav. We have been debating . Camper van and campsites or car and motels , hotels and hostels. $2431 is the cheapest we  would rent a camper van. The companies are all at the airport so contacting them is a bit awkward. They want 24 hrs to quote in most cases. The car was $785 with extra insurance (for 2 weeks) but there is accommodation and food . With a camper van we might buy food from a supermarket and cook our own ,personally I think this wouldn't last and we would end up in eateries anyway. by choosing car and  hotels we have access to  the internet and its hard to get away entirely from the modern world .  So there is  a thousand and one things to consider. I was going to buy a smart phone $99 plus cost ($127) but it wouldn't work in NZ. The sat Nav has Aus and NZ maps and was $199 . Its all these little things have to be considered and solved.


  1. Just to let you know i am reading your blog, with interest. Keep it coming, Trevor.

  2. Just to let you know i am reading your blog, with interest. Keep it coming, Trevor.