Friday, 9 September 2016

I am the driver

I had said to sue hoe precisely the train had to stop at the station in Singapore because there are doors on the station itself. when the train stops the station doors open then the train doors. there must be a computer that kicks in when it is stopping I said to ensure it lines up exactly. Then one day we got on an empty train and went to the front and THERES NO DRIVER!! OMG!

here is sue in the space normally occupied by the driver. Below a view normally you never see . down the underground tunnel ! OMG !!


  1. Okay, I can leave comments now you've enabled anonymous.

    Some parts of the Underground have platform doors that open in time with the train doors, I think only on the Jubilee Line.
    They don't have driverless trains yet though. Which is a good thing for employment, right?


    1. I agree , the whole thing is largely peopless so not good if you need help and definatley not good for employment stats