Friday, 9 September 2016

Getting with the program

Yup deliberately program. So checked in online with VA for the Hobart flight. My big thing is that if you are going of piste, as we may do how do you do all this check in stuff?

You can do it at the airport but with two of you travelling together you risk a 13 hour flight at opposite ends of the plane. On the jumbo you may even be on different decks . Though as a married man I joke what bliss, in reality it is a flaming nuisance. 

It didn't ask me for APIS stuff this time so  either I have done it wrong or it got fed up with asking.

Boarding passes , I have mailed them , snipped them, saved them and finally stored them in my passbook. I have now found they are in my 'wallet' so  - will  I board electronically ? der der der !!

One of the many things done for me by my workmates was to get me a mil-tec rucksack which I now find isn't just a brand name but a integrated military and police style pack system. That all the webbing on the bag isn't to differentiate it from other bags but is to attach a whole range of packs , pouches and purpose built containers to. It is robust enough to support a individual hanging off it . I love it. Its opened whole new doors of opportunity where I can search online and in Army and Navy stores or even at boot sales for pouches to add to my pack. I can spend endless hours attaching them ,reattaching them and pondering the ultimate configuration - YERRSS!!

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