Sunday, 11 September 2016

Water table /offline maps/ Hobart

Water Table

I promised (though who to and if anyone cares I wonder, but this is largely for my amusement) to keep a note of prices for water at airports I visited.
Melbourne $3.20 for 2 so about £130. Rates change so its only a rough guide. Basically don't buy drinks in Alicante airport without a mortgage.

Offline Maps

Well I downloaded maps for Tasmania and NZ and I cant get at them to open them. I get an option to delete them . Part of me thinks it must be my fault everybody else manages , part of me thinks it shouldn't take a computing degree. I saved them ok , they are there , why cant I open them. it is the app yet again..

Those magnifiecent men in there flying machines they go up tiddly pom pom and they com down tiddly pom pom (tune from the film) .That's it ,it took off, I was getting comfortable wondering how long to go and we were coming in to land. Bit bumpy but that's it.

Everybody friendly . Its cold. Its wet. It doesn't seem very big. we seem to have walked most of it Sunday.
Imagine Birmingham with the contours of San Fransisco. To me the whole place is a little run down. I looks like a place where the best times were in the past. Sue says I am unfair , that it 'doesn't need to try' either way its friendly.
 Photos tend to flatten and diminish heights. This is steep. As steep as anything in SF cars coming onto the road are tipped .

Statue of Edward VII with bird shit hair, such is fame

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