Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Top Tips

We came out of season .Deserted beaches empty hotels motels and caravan sites but if you do this on peak you need to precook and plan much more but here are some tips I wish I had known
Camp sites have chalets to let. Your own self contained little house .From $85 cheaper than hotel motel which work out at $120 upwards.
Everywhere free public Barbecues you can cook your own food for nothing.
Public toilets everywhere and all mostly well maintained
You can get en suite at Campsites so much more restful than shared toilets and showers unless you are really social
Once again get a proper campervan and not a conversion. I have a converted transit. Its bearable but not as good as a purpose built campervan . I only do it for cheapness as we have a long way to go and a long time away and this is my pension pot I am spending

Rental property is everywhere. These are in Stanley behind a shop. Very, Very luxurious inside $169 a night with long term rates available but if you can afford it treat yourself

Hotel don't really recommend this we had 250 Indians from Melbourne in this one and you couldn't move. The breakfast room was disgusting after they finished and virtually unusable. I know this is unusual but if you like the quite life hotels are not good. We stayed in a small motel called Anabel's in Scottsdale and that was wonderful but again out of season And the owners an old couple said they were selling up

Its OK but purpose built is better AND camping is a social thing if you prefer your own company well  chalet is probably the best but even there people want to talk

Mrs H expresse her frustration. She had just dropped washing in the mud

En suite vary this is luxurious but expensive $50 a night (discounts available via campervan companies and websites) but they do vary. None the less unless you like sharing and wet floors , dirty toilets and some inconsiderate people this is the best option for the caravanned.
I went in one shower cubicle and to be fair it was a cheaper campsite with fewer amenities where you needed a dollar for 6 minutes shower time. Not a problem as I say the site was cheap BUT some inconsiderate person had left the shower nozzle pointing straight out and such was the configuration of the shower that I put my dollar in and got a face full of water and all my clothes and towel hanging on the hook got soaked

George Town Low head one of the very best campsites we stayed at (aided by the fact it was empty)

All this could be yours for less than the cost of a hotel room

ST Helens Big4 holiday park  en suite best so far BUT $50 per night.

There is a Wiki Camps app cost $6 which is worth downloading BEFORE you start has all campsites and free camping sites as well (For TAS)

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