Sunday, 13 November 2016

Mount Iron - Wanaka

Went for a walk up Mount Iron. It seemed harmless people were walking there dogs up there, people were running up it and even more precariously down it but even if it is a daily commute for some it is very steep and because so mant do walk it slippery with earth ground to dust . Coming down our feet slipped several times and the track was often very very Steep

 This is a stone tower with a brass plaque on it saying what can be seen in each direction. As we approached I saw a man standing on it holding a selfie stick. I said to my wife I bet he is Chinese. In the unlikely event anyone from china is looking at this (18 views according to the stats) can I ask that you stop climbing on everything you find, and that you stop walking in front of other people trying to take pictures in order to get your own shot in , may I also point out that in some countries and NZ is one of them we drive on the LEFT. thanks.

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