Monday, 26 December 2016

Hilux of my day

So I got to drive the Hilux . It aint easy. Getting in is a challenge to a man of mature years. Leaping out isn't so bad though if your trousers snag its an unpleasant experience. It has no 'go' nor does it have any stopping power so you need a gap the length of the road to pull out in traffic , foot flat to the floor to get it going and foot flat to the store to stop it. Sam the owner is an outdoor type hence the axes , currently building a log cabin , may get pics we shall see.

yes I was a little nervous, its a long climb up and you tend to be more flat out when seated , then of course there are 2 gear levers and an interior that only a truck used as it should be can obtain . Patina might be the term I am looking for . Rugged ?

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