Thursday, 1 December 2016

Messing about on the river

I had mentioned when we went for a walk by the riverside how the peace and quite was disrupted by idiot joy rides in jet boats screaming up and down the river with paying passengers behaving as if they were in a fairground. I was offered a free ride by one of the company's because they were making a promotional video to be shown in the office on TV and in the cinema. Because they were filming the trip would be bitty , longer , and with some stops for set up. Well of course I accepted immediately and had a thoroughly great time. much misunderstood these powerboat rides I think and people should not condemn them out of hand

Under the jetty at this end of the lake are giant eels and trout. They get this big because fishing is prohibited and tourist feed them. The ducks are like lightening so you need to distract them with a couple of food pellets thrown behind them then more straight down for the fish,,,

Part of this journey has been to wonder at the way people behave. Some people seem to have no boundaries. The canoes and bike are property of the boat people and are for hire. While I watched people climbed all over them pulling them about or posing on them. I have mentioned before that the Chinese don't take a picture of the loved one in front of the scene but pose. \\\\\\chinese women endlessly sprawl along everything leg crooked arm behinf head lips pouted just for a shot of the mountain. The men take 3 or 4 minutes per shot ? Often they take 2 or 3 from different angles fine but as the camera is doing all the work and a digital picture can be endlessly manipulated why does it take so long for a simple snapshot.
I waited 5 minutes for the eel picture because so Chinese women was posing at the end of the pier while the bloke roamed from side to side , lay down , stood on tiptoe . lent over to take a picture.

 You do see the river and the view from a perspective you wouldn't get on the bank even if you are doing 50 miles an hour

What a fine figure I cut no wonder they wanted me in the video

theres a boat behind us

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