Sunday, 15 January 2017

Going for Gold

  1. Chinatown - Maybe me being cynical (no surely not) but since the increase in Chinese tourist the 'valuable contribution made by the Chinese community' has been discovered. This is Chinatown in the goldfields. In the pecking order the first miners (Brits ) picked up gold off the floor, when word got out the gold rush (mostly brits and Americans from the Yukon and the Bendigo) panned for gold , then when it ran out they washed mountains away sluicing for gold (There is a lake once there was a hill) , then more brits and Americans from the Yukon and the Bendigo dug for it and crushed rocks for it (the first picture is for crushing rocks they used mercury to separate the gold (the bloke with this job didn't live long) , then they let the Chinese search for it BUT only where everybody else had searched first and if the found anything a percentage went to the owners , then in tax (which was higher for them) then what was left they kept. In the winter the temperatures drop below freezing-still its a living

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  1. Martin,

    Happy New Year! Glad to see that you are enjoying your retirement.