Sunday, 22 January 2017

Thw blue pool

This was the road to Hast the blue pool is on this road . We stopped on the lake side for a break

 These pictures were taken on the path to the Blue Pool , there is always the compromise between tourist access and preserving what the tourist are going to see, this is rainforest , being rainforest it is wet. I only went in shirt a shorts because the weather was fine in Wanaka. But the west coast is colder and wetter , thays why you get rainforest and glaciers . This is melt water from the glacier. I was in as I say shorts and T shirt , but the clothing people wore varied from complete waterproof hiking outfits to swimming trunks so anything (except nudity) goes

 The Blue Pool. The observant amongst you will not it is not blue. That is because it is raining and in flood , last time we came a few years back it was good weather and the pool was a beautiful blue. Beware the west coast is sands fly territory you will be bitten.

 There was a report that a few days before this a young Australian died doing this. He didn't die he was lucky a young girl of 19 who had just finished training as a lifeguard saved him he was underwater unconscious and she dived in and pulled him out. she gave him CPR till the ambulance arrived. This took a while as there is no cell phone coverage and someone drove to the nearest village ,just a few houses, and used the landline.

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