Thursday, 18 May 2017

Long time no speek..

It has been a while . Longer than I realised . 2 reasons , Laziness and keeping a blog is so time consumming|!! At one stage in my career , in fact in several stages in my career I was a system tester , I was good at it . The IT people said it was because I didnt like computers and thats the problem with this blog site its a lot of work when it could be easier. I just didnr want to do it if I wasnt enjoying it . My journey , or at least my travels to the Antipodes are over. Whether that is for ever ,which at the moment I think it is, or I will end up with more long distance travel only time will tell. My son in law is Australian yearning for home. My son say she is not going back to NZ but he loves the place so who knows. At the moment and as I write this i am sort of home. I have been back to England , spent time with my grandchildren. The youngest is 1 this month. She wasnt at all sure who this bloke of the laptop (we skyped) was and what he was doing in her house. Now I am in Spain , my wife is with me (naturally) my son has turned up having left Canada (long story) . As a young man with life stretching before me in an ordered world there were it seemed some certainties , retirement being one. Who could have forseen the world we now live in ? My wife was born in the wrong month and the wrong year, she expected to retire at 60 ,indeed who would have thought the concept of retirement would so drastically change, first the government gave women what they wanted equality and moved their retirement date to 65, then they started to move the retirement age out. So where we expected my wife to retire on a state pension at 60 (when coincidentally I would be 65 the male state pension age) now she will be 67 and I 72 . We can get about at the moment but who knows what the future holds and though we live longer insures dont seem to have acknowledged that and see the dates when you are more likely to claim and deteriorate as being the same so its hard to get travel cover as you age . We may not to be able to travel simply becuase we cant get insured . All to play for. Any way I am just musing. I have missed out a chunk of my travels so I will post more pics in a while as they arer less boring than my ramblings . as my builder merchant said Hasta la vista ...

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