Thursday, 25 May 2017


 OK I admit it I had had enough. Travelling broadens the mind , but it also teaches you what is important. So we ended up with a bit of luxury.

Getting here wasnt easy. My wife would still be travelling if she could. I dont know what it would take to stop her. I had to offer some incentive to start home .
First of course was was where will we go ?
Which way will we come back?
 When we started the journey I saw it as a sort of Bummel (look it up or read Jerome K Jerome Three men on a Bummel). As it turns out travelling is expensive , very expensive, and there is a direct relationship between price and comfort. If you are really prepared to rough it you can probably get by on next to nothing, certainly some of the backpackers do, but do you want to go for weeks sleeping in cars , crapping in bushes and developing an aroma not acceptable in a stable? If you do well the world is your mollusc my friend.

Me? Well even though I had not been really uncomfortable ,though the camper van came close , I had not been comfortable. First of course my environment had been even more affected by those around me than normal. One inconsiderate person , one not very considerate person can make life a lot more uncomfortable, especially in the hostel type environment. I have said before about Backpackers. At one end you have those who consider other people at the other those that don't, but , as I have also said Backpackers establishments  vary widely and some are just the pits and some would get a star rating. In the worst facilities are minimal , they are crammed with people and there is no privacy , hygiene , space etc and people who live like that are not going to change just because they happen to be in a better class of Backpackers. So I was fed up with listening to other people snore , having to get up and dress to go to the toilet at night , having to race for the bathroom in the morning only to find everything ringing wet and the plughole blocked by someone elses hair and ladies; used tampons are not a display item .. so where to go coming back . We fancied San Francisco. We had loved it there a nd wanted to see more BUT America is so unwelcoming these days, the Customs people so officious and the entry process so draconian that we decided no to America.

Let me say here my son came back via Hawaii and though he was in transit they took the gas burner we bought him as a christmas present and kept it . See my christmas post, but in case you are saying well too right its a gas burner let me say there is no gas its the metal  burner that screws to the gas cannister and neither New Zealand nor Australia had seen any danger in it. Not so America . Again I am all for safety and security but not when its plainly pointless. My son protested , he protested enough to get up 3 levels of authority and the only explanation they could give him was it might have a residue of gas in it!! My son held up the gas lighter that accompanied the burner and said so I can take this on a plane but not this which has no gas in it at all?
Anyway I digress we decided to go to Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpar the Penang

I have so mant pictures in so many places I cant find what I want when I do I will add some

 OK so its not fantastically interesting .I am drinking a coconut , but , hey I am drinking from a coconut in some luxury in a Hotel in Penang .

The second time I had a coconut and it was about 3 ringetts an amount so tiny I cant convert it my wife said they are topping the coconut milk up , I have just seen them pour some milk in ! For a moment I was dissapointed then I thought , well its a natural product you have no guarentee of the amount of juice in there . They are not pouring something from a carton in their they are topping it up with juice from another coconut so all was good

Thing to remember is the numbers are big but Ringetts are small so when I was asked if I wanted to trade up to a seaview room for 800 ringetts I bualked until the concierge said thats about £100. Well given how much I had spent so far on very modest living I broke down in tears , took his hand and thanked him promising to name future generations after him...

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