Wednesday, 24 May 2017

More in Australia

As I said I cant find the pictures I really want and the ones I have of me riding a motor bike are on video and wont load so again here is what I have. (As is the case with my life I now have to eat my words I have found the pictures and suddenly I can load videos. I could rewrite this and pretend I never said it but I cant be bothered so here is the new improved version) My brother and sister in law are most generous in spirit , entertain us royally and unstinting in looking after us , I never can thank them face to face so I say it here safe in the knowledge they don't read my blog..

My brother in law . He is one of those capable people able to turn his hand to most things and anything mechanical is putty in his hands . The Honda above is his eldest sons but Martin maintains it  he rode it and lent me his bike the blue Suzuki in the background. He offered me a go on the Honda but its 40 years since I rode a bike and the Honda can be ferocious , even the Suzuki required little throttle to reach light speed. Let me brag here , it all came back to me as if I had never stopped , except for cornering , I was ok on the gentler bends but the turns took me a while and U turns I never did master , first because the road has no hard shoulder and I didn't think the bike was designed to off road and second being a sports bike the lock is restricted by the drop handlebars . Enough of my excuse fantastic fun and I loved it. Again I found myself thinking I am riding a bike in Australia !!

Thank you Martin , I think should have taken up your offer more - ah well.

 Me on the right ,

Me on the right

As I said I spent time on a sheep farm , Ronnie the owner is in his eighties and a true Australian , he has few words and grew up when farming was even harder than it is now. I patted Digger and he told me to stop as he didn't want him spoilt as a working dog. Let me say Digger didn't agree , he was the doggiest dog I ever met , friendly in a wet slobbery doggy love me way. He was in the trailer the second I got on the bike , he was all over me when I got off. He rode the trailer like the veteran he is .

 Dis bridge I am told is in the mad max movie . The first one . The one with stary eyed sorry starry eyed Mel in ..

Suddenly I am able to load videos sohey ho silver . This is on the sheep ranch first ride on a quad bike ever
 showing off

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