Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A walk in the park

This park is just outside of Alicante proper it is called El Palmeral But then aren't they all

Its Cleverley done so paths meander around it and give he impression of more area than there actually is. streams, waterfalls, pools and fountains are at every turn. There appears to be a wildcat population. Domestic moggies run wild and we saw several cats . One a beautiful  black creature , so black he looked more like a cat shaped hole emerged from the undergrowth and leaped from rock to rock across one of the artificial rapids it was like watching Bagheeera

Above - The park was full of cats one of there above can you m is in the picture above can you see it?
I have left the above to show the crap technology is I wrote
The park was full of cats one of them is in this picture, can you see it ? What it says is the result of the technology deciding to help me.

You can walk behind this waterfall , Jurassic Park style

as I said streams meander through the park, become rapids in places and are crossed by wooden bridges it is all very beautiful and peaceful because you always seem to be alone . The twists and turns keep it very private.

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