Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Penultimate day before pee wees big adventure . Tomorrow we are off. Tomorrow we will be heading for Singapore , but first I still have money to get for the taxi and am waiting for a lock for the suitcase to be delivered. Its a cable lock because the already expensive TSA lock we bought doesn't fit very well ...

Update and some travel tips . Padlocks , sue bought a TSA combination lock in Boots. The clasp is so short and thick it is difficult to use . It needs the loop bit to be 3 times the length it is and thinner because lets face it its if they want to get into your case they wont attack the padlock .

I bought TSA locks in Wilkinsons £5 for 2 key operated thinner ones, longer shank and does the job.

Because I am using a sort of sports bag I needed a chain or cable and padlock. Blacks normally incredibly expensive do a couple of padlocks for a tenner (ea) which have a cable hasp (adjustable up to 9cm) Only thing is they had none in stock so I had to pay £4.99 for next day delivery.

The lady said they will keep you updated on your order and tell you when its being delivered so I gave my E mail address and phone number .
Nobody contacted me from the delivery company and I found it in the letterbox.

I got a leaflet thanking me for signing up to Blacks web or something and promising to keep me updated . Now I have to cancel it because it will clutter my inbox with offers I don't want and updates I am not interested in.

Re luggage I think a really long trip is easier than a short one for the what to take dilemma. Basically you will never be able to take all you need so don't worry.

We have taken clothes to cover when its hot , when its cold and when its wet. they will be worn in combo depending on the weather. Also not a fan of the great outdoors but when you do a thing like this the lightweight foldaway stuff campers buy is ideal. There I have said it and will never be allowed to forget I said it

I got a craghopper padded jacket that folds up remarkably small. It was in a sale and half price £30 , .2 pairs of shorts previously on sale for £80 for £20 so another tip, shop at end of season.

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