Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Pondering the future

I was in Bournemouth a while back and thought how nice it would be to live on the coast. Since I have been here in Spain I realise I do live on the coast. .Its just all in the mind. The beach is down the road, there is a pool at the end of the road , walks and exercise equipment are all around and though I would have scoffed at such things in my youth I realise as I age that I need to keep my body working (in a mildish way) to stop it seizing up.  Its not even that far from Basingstoke. So why not settle here?

I don’t feel at home is why. I don’t know how things work. I don’t speak the language. Okay I can learn though linguistically I have never been adept , truth be told I just feel more at home in the anglo saxon nations , I never felt so out of my depth in America or Australia or New Zealand I instinctively know how things work , I am part of the whole , Spain baffles me, and deep down I don’t think they welcome me.
There are several nationalities in the street where I live IN SPAIN and they all say the same, the Spanish smile when they take your money and no comprendi the rest of the time. The police are positively unhelpful twice now I have asked for help and they have just shrugged and walked off . Would a British bobby shrug and walk off if asked for help by a Spanish speaking Spaniard ?

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