Wednesday, 24 August 2016


It might not look like much of a chore but fixing bamboo to the gates and the railings was no mean feat and not without hazard. Anyone who has handled bamboo knows how sharp split bamboo is and the dangers of splinters which in Bamboo are prone to going septic. The fencing is held together with wire. two strands twisted together and then a crossover pattern with a piece of split bamboo between. Pity the poor Asian who does this. Cutting it to size and avoiding bamboo cuts and splinters was tricky to say the least I could not get at it with plies and a hacksaw sort of juddered perseverance paid off . I had to do this because a house up the road has this , climbing trailing plant that covers most of the front and is there to give privacy. Dead leaves and fallen flowers festoon the road and end up in my and everybody else's garden. The fence which I quite like is to block the debris and keep the house more presentable 

The umbrella is new as well
Having done it, we both liked it. It gives privacy and shade but lets the breeze in and goes well in Spain I think

certainly given privacy and I rather like it, it sort of 'goes'.

Just liked the picture sort of hemingway

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