Sunday, 28 August 2016

More on Gin

In a previous post I said G&T was big in Spain and promised to investigate . I carried out extensive research'
I rather like this bar it is the sort of bar Hemingingway used to drink in. I don't think he drank in this one and given that there are very few bars he didn't drink in one is forced to wonder what was wrong with this bar ? Anyway est 1927 , truly Spanish so surely if the G&T stories are true here is a bar t confirm it.
well no. No exotic ingredients , no Tom cruise in Cocktail but then I am the person who could not find the Eiffel Tower so don't believe me. On the plus side it was one hell of a G&T and no wimpy measures she just poured it in

However this was in the supermercado so plainly the reports are not all wrong.

They also had these. The conversation was - (Me) what's that in those bottles ? Silence from my wife . It looks like ... 
(Mrs H) Yes it is now shut up.
But its !
I know.
They are different sizes and lengths  its not just -
But - I am just saying - it is isn't it ? Its ...  
Shut up now or I am leaving
So heres some pics you decide
I also had Tapas , the proper stuff with sliced jamon

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