Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Rain in Spain

Tuesday 15th August and its raining , heavily. I don’t mind its warm and its refreshing. I went to the beach at 0730 and the storm clouds were gathering. No pics because I travel light on the beach. Its bad enough having the car keys. I don’t take any clutter just me, shorts and the car keys. By the time I got home It started to rain so I went for a swim in the pool at the end of the road. It was very enjoyable. There is an old boys club of daily swimmers. I mean old boy in both senses , they all go every day and they are all old. I still put that even though they are probably my age. Some women turned up after 20 minutes. Put towels and beach mats in the branches of one of the trees and left. I think its a bit like the Germans putting towels on the loungers. Do they still do that or is that in the past.

I don't mind that it rained its refreshing but rain and heavy rain in spain - in August !

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