Sunday, 28 August 2016


I don't have a particularly relevant picture or even a picture. Just to say I had an idea as we were backpacking to get a backpack. Sadly I think I am to be disappointed . They are incredibly expensive. Over priced would seem more appropriate . They are also strangely inappropriate as they have given the size of backpacks surprisingly little space inside. They are like the Tardis in reverse being bigger on the outside than on the inside . I took down huge great things only to find little space inside. I had a framed rucksack in the scouts it was exactly what it said. A canvas bag with pockets and loads of room. These things had so much webbing , padding , strapping and netting there was no space for content . Utility and usability has been sacrificed to design . I cant believe any serious camper would buy or use the rucksacks I saw they just couldn't.
What I want and need is a framed canvas sack with pockets to maximise space , how hard can it be ?  Bring back the Army and Navy store and the practical camping store. Things must and should progress but nowadays I find so many things change for change sake and when you got it right 90 years ago what do you do ?
For decades I had my old scout framed rucksack. I left it in tge garage and it gort wet and rotted so I threw it away , oh what a waste

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