Monday, 15 August 2016

Early one morning

Its been pretty good having a month here, not having the holiday graph where I spend the first three days trying to relax and 4 days relaxed and the rest thinking I have to go back in 5 days .. 4 days ..3 etc.

You do need the internet though , its a pain going to bars and restaurants to connect. You cant do what you want to do easily. Everything keeps wanting me to update it or warns my subscription is about to expire. I tried run updates i it looked like it did it then said failed . Never mind these are the kind of challenges I feel I need , there is sense of achievement when I do overcome whatever the problem is.

I wish whoever develops these apps had better testing though. Its OK sticking up a message saying oops sorry martin  we couldn’t connect to the internet , but not clear when a e mail says if you exceed your data allowance you will need a mortgage  to pay it off. If it Is it saying I have exceeded my allowance or just warning the consequences if I do ? Why doesn’t it have a line that says hey Martin we will warn you when your allowance is running out and tell you when it has?

went for a run this morning at 0800 , actually did the beach end to end with some stops !!


  1. Running on the beach today and tomorrow the Tazmanian 10k!

  2. Hi Martin, apologies for contacting you through here but it appears I have kept paying my lottery money into your account. Stopped it now but last payment went on 19 Aug (i thought i had cancelled it when you left but you know what these it systems are like). When you are back in the uk can we have a chat. Im hoping you may have kept my contact details? No rush, thanks, Trevor.