Saturday, 9 July 2016


In general I have a distrust of what anyone representing a company tells me. This scepticism can be counter productive but generally I find what I am told in answer to my question to be questionable , the vodafone incident for instance , wanted to unlock a old handset to take with me on my journeys and put local sims in. Simple enough you would think except after waiting 40 minutes for a Live Chat the information I was given was wrong. I walked into town to the vodafone store to get my phone unlocked and they said we don't do it anymore we have to send it off , then they said you have to fill in an online form . He was telling me to walk home fill in the form and bring the phone back but as I subsequently found you don't have to send the handset so that was wrong. The technical help at vodafone said they could not do it because I had to be a customer for 30 days and no matter how much I explained I was a customer I wanted a spare handset unlocked they just kept sending me the standard paragraph to say you must be a customer for 30 days in the hope I would finally understand. I managed to get someone else and now they (Vodafone) say they will do it . Point is though at least 2 people in that organisation cannot understand a question and do not have any customer skills .

My son was locked out of his lloyds account, he is in NZ but the number they call for you to enter confirmation that it really is you trying to get into your account is the home number here in Basingstoke. So he text me the code , I answered the phone here and typed in the number so he could access his account there... I phoned Lloyds in preparation for my own travels and they said I can delete the landline number , she didnt sound sure and I am not sure I hope not to need to find out .

I spelt Lloyds with 3 L's I misclicked and added it ot he dictionary but there is no button to edit the dictionary so for perpetuity Lloyds is llloyds , Mind you misclicked is in there so there's a plus/

The real problem is so many organisations rely on scripts as a means off answering questions , they record the messages for training so why oh why doesn't the course say LISTEN . I have on occasion told the person that they do not understand my question and would they please listen only to have them tell me they do understand and then prove they dont..

You dont want to get involved with the fraud people either they are unhelpful , obstructive and rude , my duaghter had her card stolen in Aus and they wouldn't talk to me quoting the data protection act . I worked in data protection I know the rules these people don't but the point is they use it to do nothing its a disgrace .. I wrote listing my complaints and suprise suprise they never replied

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