Sunday, 24 July 2016

Seagulls over sorrento

Seagulls have invaded Basingstoke , I sit in the garden , ice cold drink in one hand , book in the other and seagulls wheeling and calling overhead could be the seaside .

So this is Basingstoke is it ?

It started with one , another joined it , then another and then another , the front one turned , they all turned and set of on a march along the capstones , unfortunately by the time my camera / phone was ready to roll the majority had fffflown away . Just these 2 left chatting.
I don't know why there is smoke from the chimney I don't think it was cold
I think there are 3 . "M dad my mum here , came back every year. Course its changed , these houses were surrounded by woods and fields when I first came ."

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