Monday, 4 July 2016

The devils in the detail

I have a Vodafone handset. . I want to put a Spanish SIM in it. I phoned Vodafone and spoke to Rajit who assured me it was his absolute pleasure to assist me today. I asked my question. Oh yes Mr Haler you must take your phone to a Vodafone shop so they may apply an NUC unlocking code. I thanked him and confirmed he could do no more for me today. I gave him top marks on the Vodafone how did we do survey. I am very lucky with surveys Barclaycard almost always randomly select me every time I log on .Many of the questions are not relevant but there is no where to explain that. I frequently wish my Lottery numbers were selected at the same rate.

The handset has not been used for a year so at 0700 I put it on charge. At 0830 I found the charger wasn't working. The light was on but nobody was home. I had planned to treat myself to a Turkish makeover then go to the Vodafone shop. Instead I went to the Barbers had myself rejuvenated and then cycled back home. My handset was charged by now so I cycled back into town. I don't mind I am retired , I have time and I need exercise. I see old people , bugger that, keep moving !! So into the Vodafone shop and up to the help desk. Need this unlocked I told the 12 year old behind the desk. cant do that sir he said, we have to send it off ,its all changed that's the bad news, the good news is that it,s free !! You need to fill in a small form online. Sorry ? You mean I have to go home log into Vodafone and fill in a form ? Yes . Well I just spoke to Rajit and he didn't say any of this, cant you do it here?  No sir its changed I will write down the website address. Don't bother I said , cant you do it from here ? No sir .. So I told him not to bother , grateful that I had 3 who offered coverage in all the countries I care about for the same cost as using my phone at home. Well not quite as it turns out. The young lady in Three said it was only for 3 months OK? Ya? (yes she did speak like that honest) she kept sweeping her hair back from her face in the best femme fatal mode as she told me ..  so its not quite the Freedom I wanted . It is , she explained , for holidaymakers . I am a holiday maker I said just a long term one OK ? Ya ?

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