Sunday, 24 July 2016

Travel Tips

a) Don't retire
b) Don't travel one way
c) don't get old
d) don't pick the month after your countries voted to leave the EU and the exchange rate is at an all time low

I imagined being a pensioner and free to go whenever I liked would be a ticket to cheap flights , and I suppose accommodation etc etc . I am on a bit of a timetable as Sue has taken a year off (only to be told by Waterstones she wont get a bonus , as well as  no pay) good job I saved up !!

Here's a bit of travel info if you don't know it already IT IS CHEAPER IF YOU BOOK A RETURN FLIGHT. You get penalised if you don't have a return date.

Insurers don't want to insure you when you are over 45 and plan to be out of the country for more than 90 days.
Backpacker Insurance is only for the under 45's
Dan at LV was lovely and apologised profusely that LV could only cover me for 90 days providing I promised to come back. Not his fault plainly there's a stat somewhere a bit like a plimsoll line that says beyond this point  there be monsters

Being an ordinary person leaves you at the mercy of 'them' so the banks give you a really bad exchange rate , companies that provide a exchange service give a better rate,but noy as good as they get  or charge or do both (dont blame them they have to make a profit and pay staff ,just saying) then the recieving bank or at least my one in Aus charges me 15AUD to process each transaction. so at each point a bit of your capitol gets taken , death by a thousand cuts .

Virgin dont fly to Australia they have a partner, Singapore Airlines who have according to Virgin rep 2 classes 1st and cattle .
What has happened to e mail ? cant these people design a usable system ? Google puts everything into categories , Google does it not me, so I dont know where anything is because it decides aunt nellies e mail is a promotion so I dont see it cos I am looking in personal. What sane person thinks having to look in 20 places is a good idea ? Yahoo has decided to turn e mail into a games app so it zooms up and down the mail entries while you try to pin one down that you are looking for .and have you tried booking a flight ? Horrendous it takes you all over the place , loses info once you have entered it , gives unclear instructions and in general makes life as difficult as possible. You wonder if these people want ot sell anything . Dont for goodness sake ohone them they are most put out if you ask for help. Flybe is my current protagonist .
Updates to follow

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