Saturday, 9 July 2016


Throw that lumber overboard and so we have been , as the top levels have been removed and discarded so things I thought long gone have come to light here a autographed  picture of the fab four.

I cant actually remember all the detail on  how I got this , it is now 54 years at least since I got this. I did not send off for it , never been a joiner, as far as I recall  my mum brought it home from work and she said her friends daughter or something worked for a fan club and they were sending out these pictures so she brought this in . Having said that I think she said her daughter and her friends were paid to sign the pictures on behalf of the Beatles . If they are genuine signatures they look more like pictures of pictures of signed photos..

Item 2 is this O,level exam paper from 1964, I passed ! I tried to do the questions just now and failed , I mean comprehensively failed

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