Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The old ways are still best

I said I was having trouble getting travel Insurance . Cmpany after company drawing the line at covering me for more than 150 days, well not the Post Office !! No problems , no hassle and really friendly so another top trave tip support the Post Office cos if they go you are down to the commercial lot for whom pile it high and sell it expensive is the business plan , and dont help anyone outside your TOR.
Even 'specialist' sites turned me down .  Oh I have spent so much my credit card blocked the transaction , but I got mail saying if this is ok send Y and it will be alright. I did and it was .

So Singapore , A380 , Singapore Airlines no less, Melbourne , Hobart , then nothings planned !! Go where the fancy takes us , eventually NZ to see my son . His mum wants to spend christmas with him - he will be overjoyed ..... up on the roof ....

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