Friday, 15 July 2016


A rant I have had for several years ...

Peugeot  think adding this amount of oil every 1000 miles is 'normal'

anyway nuff of that . About six or seven years ago I bought a Hammerite Metal Master electrostatic paint gun. Struck me as a brilliant idea , clip a crocodile clip to the metal object to be sprayed and off you go ,

You have the gun and the aerosol of paint . Load the aerosol and spray away . Bought it for the place in Spain really ,all those railings !! So after years of being left on a shelf unused I decided as part of my clear out to use up the paint and then to bin it , amazingly it still worked

As to why this world beating idea is no longer available , well there are some downsides . First you need 4 AA batteries which only last for half of the paint aerosol so that's 8 batteries . It only does what it says on the tin so its really for metal so it isn't available anymore . You can get them on the internet (£25) you can get the aerosols but like Aldi when its gone its gone..

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